Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Oh. Damn.

I was talkin' to Téodor today and I got a little more insight into why Conchita quit. You see, I like to make up Mexican words. It's a fun and harmless thing I do, you know? Anyhow, what are the chances that I would make up a word that turned out to be really offensive? I guess I finally made up enough words that I found an offensive one, though...and I had been calling my maid that offensive word for the last year or so.

Okay, quick language lesson for everybody:

Concha: "pussy"
Conchita: "tiny pussy"

So every time I said "Thank you, Conchita!" it was like I was this rich man in a bed calling a servant woman of a different race a...well, I've done my damage. Today ain't a proud day around the Smuckles household.

I'm serious about gettin' a butler, though.