Sunday, July 25, 2004

UNH! Yeah, you heard me!

Man, I knew it was bound to happen. I got my old game back, I found my form! Here's the story of Ray, the Comeback Kid:

Old Cornelius came over Friday night a little kicked and insisted on playin' a bit of 8-ball. I could tell he was a little slowed down but I don't like to disappoint a guest, particularly when he challenges my authority at the pool table.

Now, I'll admit, he's been havin' a lucky streak lately, and I'm down a buck or two. But you got to look at games like this as cyclical, being as luck changes from better to worse to better over time. Friday night was finally my "better" point in the cycle, and everything just clicked. Poor dude would go for too complicated of a shot, miss it, and then I'd just cook. I had some mad runs, and soon he was peelin' off skins! Yeah, I was in it. I even had mind games on: after he'd try a tricky shot and miss by like just an inch, I'd be all "Oh, dude! Next time! Next time!" and he would keep trying (and missing) tricky shots.

Man, I am ultra-plussed. I'm gonna have him over tonight for more ball. I got to restore my rep!