Tuesday, July 06, 2004

What a nice afternoon.

It is such a great day around here. It is completely sunny with a nice breeze, the grass was just mowed and edged so it is all beautiful and perfect, and the spa is bubbling away all cheerily to itself. I'm still wearing that Ritz Carlton robe, which is keeping me at just the perfect temperature. I had some Pappardelle con Gamberoni from Luigi's for lunch, and it didn't sit too heavy at all. I'm having a cold Amstel Light right now and am just ten kinds of blissed. I wonder how long this perfect feeling can last.

Answer: about three seconds, because I just saw Pat walk up my driveway. Crap, there's the doorbell and his knocking. Why does he always knock AND ring the doorbell at the same time, it really gets on my nerves.