Friday, July 23, 2004

Who cares if this week sucked!

...because it's a Chochacho Night Friday! I got Dimitri all lined up to bring over a NASCAR party! I thought NASCAR would be a fun theme, all with kegs of Natty Lite and downmarket Cuervo shots/Mr. T. Margarita mix, etc. For food we're hella slummin' with like thirty-two Domino's pizzas showin' up around 8. Appetizers are hot dog rounds on toothpicks with cheese dip, and Frito pie. I even got these mad-cool NASCAR pit crew jumpsuits for whoever wants to wear one. I hope Pat puts one on. He's doin' kind of a vest thing right now and bringin' down the party with his whole 70s intellectual thing. People are gonna think I'm havin' some kind of vegan party where we just eat raw green beans outta a box.

Oh, and based on Smacks Peel's baby shower I decided to come up with a party game. I got this piece of paper and drew a diagram of the yard, but then I couldn't think of anything so I set up all these different heights of glasses for quarters. That's kind of a game that NASCAR people play, right? Oh, I got to get down to the Sam Goody and get a bunch of country CDs. What country is good? I don't know much about it. I guess I'll just try to get stuff by guys named like Tanner Skye and Cody Flint, and they have a short beard on the CD cover.