Friday, May 25, 2007

I had to put the push on the guy

Man, you know how Roast Beef is. Dude has talent ten ways from Tuesday, plus he cleans up real good since he walks all the time. He's got old-wired manners in all areas and that World War-style ethic where he just does not quit until he has got it right. Main Sentence: my boy Roast Beef needs to get with his long-abidin' girl Molly.

You know me, I kruck down money on escorts and chicks and basically play it single. It's my groove, and nobody bugs. I'm flappin' it that way for now. Sure, I may want the Thanksgiving table and beamin' pearl-earring wife sooner or later — probably later — but to each at his own pace, dig? It's different with Beef. Dude never had a Place to be from, never had a swell situation. He hella wants to nest, you can tell, but since he is who he is he can't allow himself the right. Problematic. Some types need pushin'. It ain't a Discovery Channel thing where you ain't supposed to interfere with the animals and watch as they starve to death — we all wound up in each others' lives for some reason. I guess the dude's got me around at least a little 'cause he likes that I'll give him a push here and there when he needs it. Ain't nobody no dummy when it comes to their root selves, be honest.

New Paragraph

Anyhow, I think it's happenin' this time. Molly is stone sick for the dude...alright, maybe not the best way to say it. Molly ain't goin' nowhere, she is gone on him. Beef ain't one to play the market, and he's lucky the right thing landed in his bag on the first try. It's a match. Mega-bitter ancient Chinese dudes on blankets, all lookin' at Zodiac charts and stuff, they'd probably grin at this one. Just some time now. Ain't like people half their age in worse situations ain't been makin' it happen since before time began. Dude, just put the symbolic ring on. The real ring went on basically when you met.

See you all at the ceremony/party. Should be big. I'm gonna insist he does it at my place — I got mad plans for the catering and traffic flow. Gonna be the best Friday ever!