Monday, July 12, 2004

I don't think too much of that dude down at Clancy's.

It must have been their fill-in kid giving the lessons today, because he wasn't too great of an instructor. He kept trying to get me to play like a little old lady. When the situation called for me to shoot with the cue behind my back he was all "WHOAH WHOAH WHOAH just use the bridge!" Yeah, right. I don't touch the crutch.

I just needed a little fine tuning here and there, not a total rebuild of my already solid style! Heck of annoying. Anyhow, not a good way to spend $75, getting a lesson from the dweeb down at Clancy's. While he was mincing around the table with his carpal tunnel wrist thing on, I got to thinking about what I might be doing wrong and I think I'm ready for a little action with Cornelius tonight. Time to even the score!