Sunday, July 11, 2004

I got to improve my game!

Daaamn, I invited Cornelius over for some pool tonight (I discovered that he likes to play over a couple Hoegaardens yesterday) and he cleaned my clock! He had some pretty lucky runs last night, and I sent a couple bucks his way, but I figured I'd make it all back today, you know. Old Ray knows one end of the cue stick from the other, and has made some mighty shots in his day.

So C. shows up and since it's pretty early on (not like last night) we're on a level playing field and all of that, and I'm feelin' pretty sharp. Right away I start noticing a couple things I hadn't seen before.

First of all, his break is insane. He doesn't move too much or put too much heave into it, but damn if every single one of the balls doesn't make one full trip around the table! They end up dispersed pretty nicely, and he starts pickin' them off one by one, always having a real good leave for the next shot. Then he'll like sneeze and miss a shot, and I get to lay into it, but I'm usually in a pretty bad spot and can't do too much. Then he goes on another run. But it's like, he's just as amazed at his own good luck as I am at my bad luck! We're just hell of congratulating each other every time we sink or miss a shot.

Overall, I think I lost a cool $1300 tonight. I got to stone-bone study my rhythm. I'm gonna spend a few hours down at Clancy's Billiards And More, they got a resident pro and this video camera system that tapes you from all angles, so you can know what you're doing wrong. I can't believe I didn't sink a single ball tonight. I'm gonna get the table checked out too, it can get kind of humid in that room.