Friday, July 16, 2004

It's a Chochacho Night Friday.

...and that means old Ray has scared up a mess of fine ideas for his guests! That sushi counter I rented last week was a big hit, so this week I got one of those Mongolian BBQ stations. You ever been to Mongolian BBQ? You go down this line and put all kinds of chilled meats and vegetables into a bowl, then you make a sauce out of like seven possible ingredients, and you give all that to the cook, who has this huge hot cast-iron drum with a flat grill top, and he dumps all that stuff on there and hits it with these wooden swords and works it all around until it's cooked. Usually they got egg rolls, too. Anyhow, I had the guys at Colonel Li's set one of those up and send over their best cook tonight. He's down there right now gettin' the thing hot and seasoned.
Also Dimitri came by with a flat of 24s of Heinie (it's fun to hold the bigger bottle, instead of those little 12s that warm up so fast), and just a simple top-shelf spread of Tanq, Ketel, Jim, Jose, Don, etc. I made sure to get some Orangina and limes to go with the vodka so that Téodor can mix us up some of those delicious Voginas.