Thursday, July 08, 2004

Ken the Jeopardy Champion!

Man, they got this dude named Ken Jenkins on Jeopardy these days and he is like a 26-day champion, winning over eight hundred grand so far! $800,000 of the flattest! This has never even come CLOSE to happening on Jeopardy before. Amazing. The dude has great strategy and timing, but he also just knows every damn fact in the world, from old sports questions to foreign politicians to like The History Of The Patent Office. Incredible. I usually play along with Jeopardy before dinner and hit a few streaks myself but this guy has such a pattern, no one can even touch him once Double Jeopardy starts. He usually wins by five figures.

Funny thing though, 'cause he's Mormon he has to give 10% of his winnings to the church, 50% to old Govvy-D, and then he can't even have any Scotch while he laments their cuts (whiskeys are the best liquor for when you're cold lamenting, ain't they!). In fact, he always gets all alcohol-related questions wrong. I was thinking I could take this guy if the categories were like:

* Scotch Producing Regions
* Bar Measurements
* The "Proof"'s In the Potable (knowing %s of various types of liquor)
* Country of Origin (where was it brewed/distilled/vinted)
* Blind Tasting (they pass around shots and you name them, kind of a new thing)

And instead of the Daily Double they could call it "Make it a Double For a Dollar!" You know, like you see at airport bars.

OK, Ken's on! Got to hustle.

UPDATE: Ken got 4 of 5 liquor-category questions right tonight. I guess he's been boning up on the cocktail menu at the Chili's in his Radisson.