Friday, July 30, 2004

Waterbury's here!

Already the dude is totally amazing! I told him about how we usually throw a pretty good dig at my place on Fridays, and he arranged an entire plan for tonight! We got a swing band, with some instructors around to give folks lessons beforehand...he's got a dude outside carvin' a big ice sculpture for the raw oyster bar, a sommelier keepin' court in front of some top-flight wines from Dimitri's private cellar (I ain't never seen a dude get on so well with Dimitri, who can be a pretty rough Russian if you know what I mean - it turns out Waterbury speaks Russian though and they're practically pals now!)...he's a real class act. He even set out a perfect outfit for me on this new dressing table he picked up at Battori's, that Italian menswear shop down in the Underground, and polished up my brown Kenneths!

And tonight ain't even the limit of it. Real quick after he arrived he poured me a whisky and soda, offered me a Nat Sherman from a silver case, and hovered over me as he asked questions about things like what hour I like to rise, what I take for breakfast, how and where I like to receive guests, etc. This guy is totally putting his best foot forward. I even tipped him a twenty and he accepted it perfectly, with a gracious nod of the head and a "Thank you, sir" in his clean English accent. It's nice he has that accent. That is so classy.