Tuesday, July 13, 2004

What the hell, man?

Man, last night was a hell of a burn! I thought I had my game all figured out: use the behind the back shot more often. Why? Because it's a more stable shot. I've always said this. Think about it: you got three stabilizing points of contact for the cue (two hands and a back) to totally keep it steady and shoot true. I guess I should have practiced it more before the match (Braveheart was on all afternoon, though) because I ended up losing a bit more moolah than I care to mention. I even fell down and hit my face on the table at one point. Jesus. Today my cheek and eye are all puffy.

I'm gonna look around on-line and see if there are any heavy-immersion type training camps I can attend. My faith in my game is pretty shaken after last night.