Friday, October 01, 2004

Friday Night's Party - Get Into The Gnome

Okay, so tonight's party has a Gnome theme. The people don't got to dress like gnomes, nothing lame like that. The thing is, there are various gnome-type concepts going to be scattered throughout the party, there for people to enjoy. In one corner I put a little gnome figurine lying down against a tree, smoking a small pipe and napping. Under the little bridge that connects the lap pool to the main pool, I suspended a watchful gnome in a kind of straw and leather "aerie." On the buffet table (the food theme is choucroute garnie, which goes nicely with my newly expanded line of Belgian lambics, all of which are on tap) I had a local meat artist build a gnome out of various sausages, slab bacons, kielbasas, frankfurters, and other cured meats. He is totally styling in his little structured prosciutto Tyrolean and leberwurst lederhosen. He is even carrying a little bag of sausages! I love a good meat artist, someone who really uses his imagination. Anyhow, some other gnomes are hidden in the Japanese garden, in the bushes, around corners, all the places it seemed like a gnome would want to be.

That's not all. Each of the gnomes has a clue, and if you can put the clues together and figure out the riddle, and you are the first one to tell me, you win some treasure! Hopefully someone will win the treasure, but I may have to give out hints (the treasure is the big new iPod, a bunch of fancy canned and jarred food, and Bo Diddley's first Gretsch, which I just bought at auction last week).

I'm not going to blog about the clues until after the party (I've said too much already!), so go on out and then come back later!