Thursday, October 07, 2004

Time After Time

Tina and I went to see Goonies down at the Guild tonight (the Guild plays older flicks, you know, just for fun - last week they were showin' Superman, for example). She saw that it was playing and said it was her favorite movie, in that way that means it's not really your favorite movie but you really like it and have good memories of it, so we went. I always like to see that Japanese kid with all the inventions in his shoes. She laughed way too much when the fat kid did the Truffle Shuffle (I kind of slunk down in my seat so no one could see me), but it was still a pretty good time.

After the flick we went to Toshi's for some nice sushi, tempura and sake. I wouldn't have chosen Toshi's if I had known she was on Atkins, but she was a player and just picked the seafood off the rice, scraped the batter off the vegetables, and had lots of miso. We talked a little bit about Atkins, and I do notice she is lookin' pretty trim these days. I don't think I could ever do a diet which doesn't include Round Table Italian Garlic Supreme, but it's workin' for her, and that's all that matters. She used to be a little thick around the middle, you know, like it would bunch up when we were in missionary position, but now that's all gone and she feels a lot sexier.

Since she's feelin' so good lately, she is a lot more forward in the sack. That don't do me no harm, but since I found out she was on Atkins I think I notice that her breath is always sort of funny, like kind of oily, like a little light puff from a can of cooking spray-oil. Maybe we need to experiment with positions more. I don't know. I shouldn't blog about this.

Not really sure where all this is headed, but it's good to be with her again. It's like, we've both been down all kinds of roads and found each other again, maybe a little bit wiser but also a little bit more vulnerable. I tell you, there is never any one point where you understand how this all works.