Friday, February 25, 2005

I got some art supplies!

You know how you kind of have a fond memory from childhood, like about a wheel-eraser or a little stump you used to blend up pencil lines? Like that you probably found in the desk of a teacher or old school principal? I had that feeling the other day when I came across this Pink Pearl eraser on the checkout counter at Heigenmann's Car Audio. I was signin' the receipt for the sound system on the new Platinum Edition Escalade and I saw it there. Instantly I was transported back to a time of simple things, when I could spend all day just scribblin' and figurin' out how to draw a porch or a belly. I immediately went home and ordered a ton of art products on-line.

I also went to Purple Gypsy Art Supplies and picked up a few paints and sketchbooks and stuff, since I really couldn't wait to get back into the art game. I was debating between this one oil paint set and this other oil paint set, and just like outta the blue an employee came up and we hit it off real well, we were completely connecting. She had this fun scarf tied around her neck and she was completely like that fun chick in Fisher King, kinda kooky but really intuitive, you know? It was like, I didn't know anything about art supplies, but I had the basic language and mindset so that we made art-concept sense to each other, and it was like there was this chasm between us, but we both wanted the chasm to be smaller! Anyhow, I got her number and we're gonna make bread together on Sunday. I know...bread! Man, that is killer. I was totally unprepared for that. I'm really into this chick. Her name's Scarlet.

Friday, February 18, 2005

Man, what was I talkin' about?!

I ain't been around this blog in a long time, and just now I remembered about it. Man, last time I blogged I said I was gonna write a brochure about analyzing poop! I...what the fuck, man? I remember I was in a pretty bad way after some food poisoning, but I barely even remember goin' through the eating disorder stuff. I was probably exaggeratin', anyhow. I was probably eatin' steaks and delicious fries that whole time, and just acting like a wimp for attention. Shame on Ray.

So, needless to say, if you were waiting around with five bucks in your hand waiting to buy my upcoming brochure Understanding Poop, you can put that five bucks away, 'cause it ain't happenin.

Well, what's new? Had a pretty big wingding lately, and ended up wreckin' the Escalade. That's one thing that kind of blows about drivin' - if you wreck your ride, you just gotta leave it and bail, and the humans tow it away and you can't get it back, or even your CDs. I was miffed 'cause I left my new Sugar Loadzz demo in the car, and they don't have enough money to make another one, so I just have to sign them and hope for the best. I remember thinking that I liked the drums.

Also, in other news, it is raining pretty hard, so I'm inside checkin' out the new Escalade ESV Platinum Edition. It's got some pretty nice features the base model doesn't have, like heated exterior door handles for those icy days, and plus it's 1/2" lower than the standard edition, so it presents a smaller aerodynamic profile, and probably gets better gas mileage as a result.