Saturday, June 11, 2005

Back in the Party Way.

So, doggies, you must have noticed that I ain't been writin' up too many of my friday parties lately. In truth, I been kind of in a different place lately, not really so much into the friday party. This ain't to say a friday party ain't been happenin', but rather to imply that I ain't had much of a hand in planning other than handin' the budget and checkbook over to Téodor. I knew I could trust that dude to get the bevv and the dance music on, and also look after the food angle.

From looking at his receipts this last quarter, I trust he done alright. In the third week of April he did up some Russian-themed party, complete with catering by some company named Ucszero, which came in pretty steep at $2,325.04. Itemized receipts show expenditures such as cabbage, potatoes, ground beef, sevruga, squab, imported herring...not to mention some seriously unspellable vodkas and beers. They got that Russian alphabet all goin' on, where it's like they took the American alphabet and commissioned a smartass to make fun of our letters.

I know the Rooskies can spin a seriously dishonorable transaction, but I'm just gonna go with this one. I heard good stuff about the late-April party and apparently even Spongebath ended up getting a tugjob. I mean, that ain't the best thing about any party, but it is indicative that a dude in a Lark scooter who is in a pretty bad way could work things such that he got tugged. I have a good feeling after I analyze evidence like that.