Thursday, July 07, 2005

I'M throwin' the party this week!

I ain't mind to tell you, I was a little concerned that Téodor was gettin' taken for a ride by some of the catering/beverage vendors he was usin' to run my last couple parties! I still manned the books on all that, and this one company alone, "Ucszero," was way outta line in terms of charging the right price for things.

Therefore, proven thus, and in all kinds of sincerity, I bestow upon you the fact that I am once again running the Friday Night Party at the Smuckles Residence! That's right. I been away from the game for pretty long, and I guess like the farmers say, ideas been all fallow in my kaboggin. It is High Time this sucker punched the clock again, much like the time Elton John took over six years off yet still came back to work after then and donned dalmatian-fur shades like the way a rejuvenated Rocky would come back into the ring, all bouncing around and cocky.

What kind of theme does the hidden master throw down from the yew tree? (this is an Asian reference.) Yeah, of course you have no idea. The master, of course, throws down a concept that you might not at first think is anything to do with a party. In time, though, you will come to see that I was all-knowing in my exact concepts. And that is why I leave you with this teaser, this single thought, as to what tomorrow's party is all about:

The Rock Star Died at 27.

Nice. Check you later.