Friday, October 21, 2005

I guess I'm havin' a bad week!

So, bad week two ways (doesn't that sound like the name of a Chinese dish?!) —

1. A woman wrote in to tell me that she hated my ding dong updates, and to stop them!

Honestly, why do people think they should tell you what to do? Maybe I should write her back and say, "don't read my ding dong updates, instead!" If you know you're going to get a face full of my swinging, blinging ding dong when you come to my opinions website, then maybe it is YOU who is making the bad decision! My decision to run this website is great (and so is the ding dong! No instances this week!).

2. My Halloween costume got shot down by Beef.

Dudes, I spent the better part of eight hundo getting this fancy custom Italian silk Harlequin costume made, and Beef goes and doggs the thing immediately! What kills me is that he was right, I didn't look too cool. I had been up super late lookin' at some old Picassos and I gradually came to see the Harlequin as a beautiful, tragic figure, and before I knew it I was like, "Hey, it's daytime in Italy, I'll call 'em up!" Significativo Doctore, a specialty art/clothing house, FedExed the thing the same day, and it was on my doorstep by the time I woke up later the next afternoon.

Anyhow, I got to re-think up some Halloween costume ideas since I ain't going to get it on the waist-line dressed as no clown. I might be James A. Folgers (of Folgers coffee fame - I been into the idea of havin' some muttonchops lately), or just maybe a topless steelworker with a couple Tecates in his toolbelt. I already got most of that stuff lyin' around — I'd just need the safety helmet, tool belt, and weathered work boots. Oh, and the leather gloves and safety goggles. Pants and Tecate: check!

Alright, I better get on down to this shindig of mine and throw my hat into the ring. I been pretty Klondike lately and I got some designs on Boliqua, this bubble-butt Haitian on from down the bar at Rodrigo's that I invited. Daaamn but she got some bubble butt!

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