Thursday, November 03, 2005

I got a cold, but I did not get bubble butt. Unfair.

Man, I just got me the nastiest old head cold this fall season. I think it came from usin' the vanilla powder salt-shaker they got on the Starbucks straw/napkin/spices counter. I think a dude sneezed on that, and got his infected snot molecules down in through the holes, into the vanilla powder, where his germs could roam free, thrivin' on simple sugar structures. I ain't never again goin' on into that place and usin' their publicly shared ingredients. My nose is all swole up like the ass of a baboon watchin' his first stag loop, and it itches to all hell besides. Man, SCREW that I got to feel this crappy! My eyes also are itchy.

So, what's new with me...I didn't get any play at my Halloween party, mainly because Boliqua didn't show up. There were some skinny chaliquas down from the Stila counter tryin' to mack it up, but I was holdin' out for the bubble butt. When, by 1am, the bubble butt did not arrive, I just laid into the gimlets with my fellows and ended up doing a brief Google search for "bubble butt" before hitting the hay. (I know that I tried to do a Google search for "bubble butt" before turning in because the next morning my browser was still open and it turns out I had typed in "bubble boot," which had resulted in lots of pictures of Popeye's shoe and the shoes of other characters like Popeye).