Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Thanksgiving wishes to all my chochachos.

Hey, all. Yeah, this is Ray, here. I got much good wishes for you all this year. I myself got much to be thankful for, including another year of good health, good business, and finally some progress with Boliqua, that bubble butt Haitian on from down Rodrigo's. We had a little chat this weekend and it turns out she told me her favorite local restaurant, which is Celia's, which is a pretty ass-crap kind of a local mini-chain with way too much melted cheese on everything, but I guess that's what powers the bubble butt. So I'm gonna hop on through there during happy hours and see if I can't catch some of that tail. Thank you, Celia's over-portioned cheese. Thank you for the bubble butt.

Thank you also to the guy who takes away my trash every week. I know you don't care, but I'm glad you do a nice job of it, and shake the can extra hard to make sure that all the Starbucks cups that are stuck to Taco Bell burrito wrappers that are stuck to the inside of the can, still come out. You are good at your job, man. That is rare these days.

Thank you to people who took the time to make old movies. I saw Sunset Boulevard on AMC last weekend, and it was waaay good. It was like an equation. You could see the stuff on the left of the equals sign start to pile up, and then the equals sign happened in this real elegant snap of the fingers, and then the stuff on the right of the equation started to add up. Is that a good way to describe a movie? As a science problem? Probably not. End of thought. Dash this thought to the ground. The option is yours!

I am thankful for the conditions that make life possible.

Thanks to the dude who delivered my pizza tonight. You came fast, and remembered that I like an extra package of hot pepper flakes. You were polite, and seemed like you were a PhD student during the day. I'm guessing Operations Research, by the cuffed corduroy pants.

Do you have a list of things you are thankful for? Honestly, you should print one out. It'll surprise you how little time you spend thinking of things like this. Here is a handy template you can copy and paste:

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Happy Thanksgiving, fat old world!