Friday, August 06, 2004


It's Friday, dude! What could be better. Tonight's party is gonna set the New Limits of Doggery. I had forgotten that I ordered this MASSIVE poster of Phil Collins off eBay (you know you got to bow to the Sussudio man, people of all ages), so when it showed up today I got this idea in my head. That's right, I'm gonna make a robotic papier mâché Phil Collins to dance around in front of it while his Hits album plays! Sony sent me one of those ASIMO ( robots last year, so I'm just gonna dress that up and make hands and a head outta papier mâché. It's gonna be all dancin' around, totally moonwalkin' to "Can't Hurry Love," all of that! I even have this one skinny tie with piano keys on it somewhere in my boxes. Man, that robot is gonna kick it around.

Food and drink-wise, I thought I'd go 80s, since there is the robotic Phil Collins and all. Dimitri brought over ingredients for Magnum PIs, which are basically just Michelobs...I also spent some time figuring out what would be in an A-ha, and I decided that it would be shots of aquavit with a free jelly bracelet in the bottom of the shooter - sort of a treat! I'm gonna have those set out in a drilled block of ice, one shot glass in each drilled hole, with a big photo of the guys beneath the ice. Also, I kind of think that the food that best represents the 80s is Burger Buddies, those little 3-packs of hamburgers they used to sell at Burger King, so I contacted a packaging liquidator who had a crate of the old Burger Buddies cardboard boxes and had them sent by courier (fortunately they were only like 30 miles away). For the Burger Buddies themselves we're gonna make them kind of upscale, with like lime-chipotle aioli and fontina, because fun as Burger Buddies are we're all adults now.

We're also gonna have this big bowl of Swatches for everyone to pick from when they show up, like three Swatches per person, and a little hairspray station with crimping irons. Alright, time to work the phones!

Oh, and Rick James died today. Mega setback for the funk community. Too bad, they'd been making a lot of progress lately.