Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Damn, Téodor!

Man, one thing that sucks is when a friend has his heart broken. I'm talking about Téodor here, my friend Téodor. He is a good dude, and I would never want him to have a bad experience. Yet, because of me he has had a bad experience. I will explain.

You see, I throw my events every Friday night, and lots of types come over to make it tight with the drinks and the dance floor. A lot of women show up, and I can't vouch for them all, since the gates are wide open, you know. I often do not know many of the women at my parties.

Lately Téodor got the Lady Eyes for this slummin' childhood friend of Boriqua (Boriqua is a nasty-hot Samoan mamma from the L'Oréal counter. Boriqua got the kind of rumpus that God writes braggy poems about, you know) ...anyhow, her friend was this skinny nerd with I guess the kind of "alternative" look Téodor falls for. Téodor is super mushy and romantic and he can just fall in love in like a second, completely having ideas about permanent feelings.

Anyhow, they had a date down at Grass, but I guess it didn't go too well because he showed up at my place pretty early without her.

He kicked around pretty moody for a while, not socializing at all, but before I could talk to him he took off. I called him on Sunday, maybe to hit the links or something, and he broke it all down. He was feeling pretty sour, he said.

Damn, I hate to see a brother go through this. What can you do, though. You can't do anything. Nothin' you can do. Not a thing. Life is...life is dirt sometimes.