Saturday, August 07, 2004


It turns out that the ASIMO has all kinds of optical sensors and stuff in its head, so if you put a papier mâché mask on it, it can't see or hear or anything and it freaks out. I didn't know that yesterday, so my big robotic Phil Collins concept literally blew up in my face (he fell over and short-circuited or something, and caught fire). The ASIMO has super realistic movements so everyone got really sickened watching him writhe around in flames, tearing at the mask on its head, which was burning pretty good due to being paper.Téodor finally wrapped the thing in a curtain and after everyone left I dumped it in the trash. Sheesh. Just tryin' to show you a good time, people! Now everyone's mad at me for making them watch that horrible spectacle, and I've got like five hundred unused Burger Buddies boxes sittin' around.