Monday, August 23, 2004


Dang, people! What with me havin' a bad case of Olympic Fever, I nearly forgot about this little bloggity-blog! Okay, so here is what I am gonna run down for you all:

1. The Olympics, so far
2. Operation HOT S.A.U.C.E.
3. Maybe some stuff about my mom coming to visit

The Olympics!
Man, when it comes to the Olympics, I don't think anyone follows closer than me. I ordered USA team gear from each sport, and I put on the appropriate outfit when each event comes on (during the women's events, I dress like a male coach). So far the US is totally dominating pretty much all the sports, with huge wins in swimming, volleyball, running, and gymnastics. A Japanese lady won the women's marathon, but right after she finished she puked up like this Elmer's Glue stuff, very uncool.

Operation HOT S.A.U.C.E.
It was pretty good! Folks showed up in a pretty sexy state of mind, wearing all kinds of low-cut snakeskin dresses and other hot club outfits, and they just ground to the music. The Zydeco band was steamin', the hurricanes and long island iced teas were drainin' by the gallon, and before too long it was "show us your tits!" all over again. Fortunately Waterbury had thought to order a crate of beaded necklaces, so the economy was in order.

I even saw Molly drag Beef into the Make Out Room (the pool shed, which I had decorated by supplying lube and rubbers and a scented candle) at one point, but when they came out Molly was kind of sour looking and Beef went and played pool by himself. I was too busy chargin' Boriqua to ask him what went wrong.

All in all there were only three banana slugs on the floor at the end of the night, so I just left the pool shed door open and raccoons ate them.

My Mom
Me and mom really cook it up when she comes to visit! We'll go shopping, and go to brunch a couple times, and probably hit Seven Pines and the Cathcart Gardens, and have some of my friends over for a nice dinner together. Mom likes to keep up with my friends, and always makes sure to mention their names when she calls. She always tells Roast Beef that he is so handsome, and he just blushes and can never handle it. She'll be pleased that he's seein' Molly. Anyhow, she might come visit in a couple weeks, after the Olympics.

Alright, I'm out. Men's airgun is about to start, and it takes a while to don all that gear.