Friday, August 27, 2004

Just kind of a regular party

Whew, I almost forgot to plan tonight's party! These Olympics are really wearing me out. Let's see, what to do for tonight's party...can't sell hot sauce again. First of all, we sold outta both pallets of that stuff, and secondly I don't want people to think these digs are just commercially motivated. I want folks to have a good time, that's the main thing! We ain't on this rock for too long, so we got to share the love while we can. Let's see, maybe tonight we'll have a hippie party, "share the love" and all, and have afro wigs and big peace necklaces. Nah, that's dumb. Hippie stuff is so tired. Maybe it'll be an Elton John party, you know, where when things are going good I come out in a huge fur cape and star-shaped sunglasses. No, that's not a good theme. Maybe the theme will be that I have been watching the Olympics all week and people can come over. There, good. I'll just get a regular DJ and have a guy in charge of grilling burgers and chicken. Plus, I will tell Waterbury to plan the party, because there's some Women's Track and Field about to start. Gotta go.