Friday, August 13, 2004

Kind of a Hawaiian Thing!

We got this row of palms along one side of the property, and today they got me to thinkin' that tonight's party should have a Hawaiian theme! You know, these summer days don't last forever, so it's time to break out the patterened shirts and sarongs and lose it in a Mai Tai!

I had Waterbury dig a big luau pit (dude can dig with a vengeance!) and we had these ceremonial Hawaiian guys come over and create luau pig (I don't know how to describe it using proper terms). So that sucker's bakin' in the ground right now, and the ceremonial guys are gonna dig him up later on (right now they're just cooling it with some Coors in the bed of their truck). They also have a friend who is gonna eat some fire and do a tiki dance. This guy also does some unrelated tricks, like make his Camaro do a wheelie, etc, so maybe we'll ask him to do that after his main tricks.

A big part of any Hawaiian party is havin' drinks in coconut shells, so I got Little Nephew busy in the shop, sawin' the tops off about a hundred coconuts. He always loves any excuse to use power tools, just like his heroes (TV show guys from Monster Garage). Heh! I get a kick out of thinking that he enjoys using tools. I remember when I was his age...if you gave me a tool, half an hour later I would have created an object. Oh, snap!

One thing about Hawaiian food (besides luau-cooked pig) is that it's pretty horrible. Mostly it's trashy, like hamburger patties on white rice with gravy and an egg, or else it's just Subway. Bein' that as it is, Téodor and I put our heads together and created this sort of Pacific Rim Fusion menu that is just all kinds of tickling my fancy. We're gonna have pineapple-glazed grilled lamb, miso-honey basmati, banana-leaf duck, crab and pork shu mai, beef pot stickers, and my favorite, won ton soup with those Chinese spoons. He came over and made all that stuff earlier today.

For music Téodor and I decided just to play a lot of ZZ Top and Aerosmith, since ukulele music is lame. We both agreed that ZZ Top and Aerosmith is good music for parties, because even if individual people don't like those bands, a *party* likes those bands. Do you get what I am saying? When you are at a party you like different kinds of music than when you are alone and you listen to like metal or classical.

That's pretty much it...I've got Waterbury stringin' my fun chili pepper Christmas lights all around, lightin' tiki torches, and setting out lots of straw hats and leis for folks. Gonna be a lot better than last week, there aren't so many things that can possibly go wrong (i.e. no part of this party relies on a robot). Oh, and maybe gonna meet Téodor's new girlfriend! They're goin' on a date beforehand and he said that if it went well he'd bring her by. I'm glad that people can use these parties for things like that. It's nice to create a haven for romance. It's all for the common good, and everyone gets fed. Mahalo!