Thursday, August 05, 2004

Man, that backfired!

I think I played Téodor too soon after my lessons, because I hadn't fully internalized them yet (this is what Paul said). You know how you can have a pretty decent short game, but if you change just one little thing about your technique, it all falls apart? Like having a car, but just one tiny thing is missing, like the steering wheel. There you go, the car is useless. That was my short game yesterday, a car with no steering wheel. Fortunately the landscapers just finished building my new putting and chipping area (I even got a couple sand traps made, plus a pond with a smoking volcano in the middle, just for kicks). A couple hours on that thing and I should be Lightning Man around the greens.

Ooh, but first some salmon dinner! Man, I can not get enough of this fresh salmon. I been eatin' a lot of it lately as part of my research for my advice column, and Waterbury just knows how to cook the hell outta the stuff. I think tonight he's makin' this famous old English dish, which is poached salmon with home-made mayonnaise on top, plus all kinds of fancy garnishes and stuff. A lot of folks think Mayonnaise is pretty trashy, just kind of a B-rate ingredient, but in truth it is a classic old-school sauce, and when it's made fresh it is hell of good. I mean, I never had a problem with mayonnaise, but a lot of folks are always moanin' about it and berating it. I take no part in that. I'm not above having some mayonnaise. I came up just like any other player, straight up having mayonnaise as a common dressing on my sandwiches.