Sunday, August 29, 2004

Waterbury=Swiss Army Knife

Damn but that dude took care of Friday's party! As you may have read I was not too pumped to prepare the festivities, and when I called on him he manned the plate like a pro. He had the dudes from Kayashi set up a custom tempura bar, which is kind of like an omelette bar, except you tell them what things you'd like dipped in tempura. That was a huge hit, and they had even unorthodox kinds of things to make tempura out of, like thick avocado slices, chicken breast tenders, hash brown patties, olives, string cheese, corn dogs, even those Halloweën-size candy bars. They got really experimental towards the end of the night, particularly once the guests started pouring those sake-boxes for the cooks, who could not decline (dishonor). I think at one point somebody deep-fried my leather Raiders hat.

That old Cornelius has really got his cook dog on for this goliath-type broad from the Russian women's volleyball team (silver). Weird! Anyhow, he was pretty much a fixture in my living room the past two weeks, constantly trying to catch a glimpse of her. I think her name is VOLLEY ZILLA or something. Dude, I can understand a guy who's a romantic, since I'm pretty much a heart-on-the-sleeve player myself, but this is like more of a perversion. Kind of gave me a bad feeling to see him put his imaginary coat over a puddle for her, so to speak, right on the tails of Téodor's big heartbreak with that lawyer skirt. Oh well, bring it, fellows. Old Ray has had a soggy shoulder or two in his day.