Friday, September 10, 2004

Damn but am I brewing fine beer!

Okay, so as you might have read, Waterbury turned out to be a spy and he ain't around anymore. That's cool, because it was getting to be about time that I organized my own parties once again. I kind of needed to prove to myself that I didn't need his help to run my life, you know? If you always let other people do things for you, you kind of turn into the soft calamari.

So! Tonight's party theme is BEER. I have been putting together a pretty substantial microbrewery toward the back of the property, just straight up making ales, stouts, pilsners, all that good stuff. I flew a guy down from Oregon to help with the fine points, and WE HAVE (sorry, caps lock) we have a nice little lineup for people to try. They can have the six-beer taster, 2ozs. of each, or just straight up try a pint. I think our best one is a Belgian Christmas Ale, which has just mad amounts of subtlety. It's about 6%, so folks should be hell of pantsy without too much encouragement.

To go with all this we got tons of grilled sausages on this special Eastern European grill that's the size of a hot tub. Potatoes are baking up in foil, the meats are sizzling away, peppers and onions are wilting, we even have a cotton-candy machine and a little booth that sells amber jewelry. The old dude that is in charge of the grill straight up sticks his thumb deep into the cooked potato and then pushes a tab of butter all down in there! It is going to be a real old-world night for folks. And if anyone's low-carb, I have this little table where you can mix Bacardi and Diet Coke instead of beer.