Monday, September 06, 2004

A damn relaxing Labor Day weekend.

Waterbury totally rescued us from throwing a "cone" party! Man, with like just six hours to go he rallied up and rented a huge flame-throwing mechanical scrap iron dinosaur from this local artist. He also rented this local circus act called Trompe L'Danse or something, which I was massively skeptical about, but they put on a half-hour acrobatics and magic show that was loot. For food he put out all this "munchies" type stuff, which I think was his way of winking at me and silently saying "I know that cone idea was because you were totally high, and this is my dig on you." Touché, Waterbury.

All the same, we burned one and tore into the buffet: chocolate fondue with cheesecake balls and snickers on skewers, a calzone bar, Funyuns, Beef Jerky, milkshakes, Skittles, Tom's of Maine salt and vinegar chips, macaroni salad, Dove bars, chow fun, potstickers, Chicken Tenders, the works. There was even a Coke machine. Damn, it was a good time...until all these dread-lock hippie kids showed up. I know they just like peace and want to be happy, but I don't like dreads on hippies. My posse played it hard and cold and pretty soon they dug the vibe and hit the gate. It has been a damn while since I smelled so much b.o. and patchouli oil.

For the three day weekend I mainly played it close and did a lot of swimming. I had Waterbury dress up in a navy blazer and deck shoes and blow a whistle, and I would dive into the pool and do a couple laps. He disqualified me in the last heat for crawling into my Floatee Lounge and cracking a Coors, but that was cool.