Friday, November 12, 2004

Fine, then.

I guess kind of by my own intentions and also Tina's intentions, I ain't seen her in like two weeks. I think we sent this one back to the kitchen, folks. No dice, no go.

It ain't surprise me, really. I knew when we were havin' all the fall-back-into-it rush that that was the only thing we were really enjoying about it. That rush. The rush.

You do what you can when you feel that rush. It's a free drug, and it's made of sex. It's made of loins slowly sliding over each other, and maybe shit is unprotected. Sorry.

My shit was unprotected. Yeah, it was. I am ten kinds of anxious while my double-blind HIV test comes back tomorrow.

I played it all clay dick and now I'm payin' the price with worry. Man, NEVER let yourself slip like that. It ain't worth it. I'm tellin' you this here now.