Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I'm just bloggin', you know?

Man, I am doin' this right. I got a mimosa all fresh by my side, some chubby Marvin Gaye on the speakers, and even a little snack bowl of peanuts and cashews. My fingers are just flutterin' over the keys as I type this. The window's open, and a cool breeze is helpin' me relax on this stone cold mellowed day. I am bloggin' in real-time; I wish you could read this word for word as I write it, my pacing is so smooth and even. Daaamn, I wonder what idea I will come up with to blog about?

Oh, crap. That's right. Leo from the Caddy dealership just died. Man, I keep meanin' to set aside proper time to mourn the dude, but I been real busy lately. It's like, I know I got to mourn my boy Leo, and I better do it before services on Sunday, 'cause I got to give a real proper eulogy and people are gonna be able to tell if I ain't mourned yet. If I don't, my speech will be filled with cliches and lame jokes about the "big Beach Boys reunion tour in the sky, Leo all in his white shorts and favorite red Hawaii-print shirt, double-fisting Herradura margaritas." You don't say something like that if you have class. No, I got to dig down deep and wonder about the thin line between bein' alive and bein' a dead body.

Anyhow, let me blog about somethin' else. Did you know that I haven't seen the Simpsons in over two years? It's like, I like that show, and I always enjoy it, but for some reason it stopped bein' a part of my routine. I wonder what replaced it? What if...what if it was bloggin'? Is that what I do with my spare time now? I been doin' this blog for over two years...damn, that's it! I'm gonna cut out this damn blog entry right now and go watch Simpsons. I hope it's that one where somebody tries to steal that janitor dude's grease and he gets all wigged out.