Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I am proud of that little man.

You know what? I am proud of Little Nephew. He got himself a job drivin' pizzas around (for delivery), and he has been making a good little income from it. Most importantly, though, is that he's been at it for a couple months now, and has never even gone in late, let alone missed a day of work. That's the kind of values that our grandparents used to have. Sometimes it's good when a kid goes retro in a way that doesn't involve wearing your old clothes in order to look hilarious to his friends.

He's down at Colonel Luigi's, this fusion pizza place that's actually pretty all right. Couple times a year I golf with Luigi Wong (he's half Italian and half Chinese) down at the club, and he's got a real smart operation going. Clean, books are good, and damn but if it don't run like a clock. Guess that's the Chinese half. Anyhow, his pies are killer. You can order a half pepperoni and mushroom, half "ginger bee" (his ginger bees are little fried popcorn chicken in a garlic/ginger sauce) and green onion, or just a straight up fusion pie, like hot sausage and spicy kimchee (you would think this is terrible, but it's not). He even has this "crust two ways" deal, where half the pie is a regular pizza, like bell pepper and ham, and after cooking they fuse a half made outta that steamed pork bun rice dough to it. On the fusion half they got that sweet and sour pork bun filling, and they sprinkle over some sesame seeds and chives. Damn but if that ain't some tender, delicate, springy pizza. I got to talk to him about franchisin'.

Anyhow, I just wanted to say that I am proud of Little Nephew. I rarely get the chance, you know, what with him always snappin' pictures of his crotch for MySpace, or lyin' about drinkin' from the Chivas I use to clean the rims on the Escalade. It's like, if I see him doin' somethin' actually good, I got to jump in there immediately before he starts drunkenly snappin' pics of his crotch while loggin' on to MySpace. Feel a man's pain, America. Feel a man's pain, the world. This is the situation.