Friday, February 23, 2007

I had a rad-ass day, m'buches!

Hey, you dig how I did that little African thing there, callin' you all "m'buches"? Yeah, that's a thing I been feelin' like sayin' lately. "M'buches." Rhymes with smooches, but is still just a tiny bit hard. Don't worry, you're all still my chochacho(a)s.

So, why was today rad? Well, I been on a lessons kick lately. Like, I'll want to learn how to do something, and I'll stone cold ring up a private teacher and they'll come over and teach me. It's really that easy.

Here's who came over today ALONE! Like I tell you, I been packin' lessons into nearly every daytime hour lately, so don't act like I'm not telling the truth.

1) Muffin lesson. Thought it made sense to start the morning off with a muffin lesson, since people always nibblin' on muffins in the morning. I asked the guy if we could work some bacon and cheese cubes into our muffins, and pretty soon we had a rockin' breakfast muffin. I made us some doubles from the Jura and we chatted about how hard it is to quit smokin' (out of politeness, I didn't have a cig until after he rolled).

2) Dumpling lesson. You know how good dim sum is, right? Well, so do I. A couple days ago I called up this guy Wayne Shoy and slotted him in for 11am-noon. We did up some rude soup dumplings, and some pork buns, and even some real tender beggars-purse type action. He was hella fun and we even grilled up some dogs before he left.

3) Calzone lesson. Ain't nothin' worse than a homemade calzone by some lousy friend who thinks they can cook just cause they bought a pizza stone. I had the guys from Pizza Bel Forno come on down and give me a real thorough demo of everything from makin' the dough to bakin' the show. As we were samplin' the finished product I could tell they wanted some Sambucas, so that was chill. They finally pulled out around four, which was cool because my evening tamale lesson guy needed the driveway space to set up his steamer cart.

Anyhow, I'm totally blissed on education, you know. At my age, it's pretty good to think that I still got a whole lifetime of lessons ahead of me. I ain't so arrogant as to think that I already know it all. That is the main problem that a person can have.