Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Man, today was TOTALLY unimportant! I just did COMPLETELY regular stuff. Here, let me lay it out for you -- it's so boring, it's almost hilarious:

1) Got up. Didn't want to, but sometimes a player just has to roll with the punches. Tried to be humorous about it, all makin' a pile of shavin' cream and then throwin' Tylenols into it. Kind of made a mess.

2) Had to throw away my new talkin' pedometer durin' a round of golf at Seven Pines. Just as I was drawin' up into my backswing, the thing busted out with all this calorie analysis chitchat, and Mayor C sprayed me with his Coors. Honestly, this was my bad.

3) Saw a dude farmer-snottin' behind the bank. You know, pushin' one nostril shut while blowin' the payload outta the other one? Anyhow, I saw that.

That's about it. Hope you had a good day, or are havin' a good day, or whatever (I know some people in Australia read this).