Friday, January 14, 2005

Time to Pah-Tay with Ruh-Ay!

Man, it's been a while since I had a really big do on a Friday night. I think folks are all back from New Years' stuff and ready to drain the brain, so this should be good. Oooh, pappy! I am thrilled to sink my fingers into the Yellow Pages and start workin' my magic in '05.

The first thing I need to arrange is the food. I'm pretty down on Asian lately (ate somethin' that disagreed with me earlier in the week) so I'm thinkin' either Tex Mex or Mex. Are there other kinds of food besides Asian and Tex/Mex? Oh, Italian and Indian. Duh. Well, Italian food ain't no good to party on, so I guess Indian. That's cool — wait, no. Indian food is always all like really wet stews, and parties need finger food. No wonder people at Indian-culture parties are always sittin' around with some paper plate that is slowly bending in half in the middle, wondering why nobody is dancing. Damn, planning the food without Asian options is harder than I thought it would be. I'll do this part later.

Hold on, I have to take some medicine that Doc Andretti gave me to help me sleep. I was havin' kind of bad dreams lately, he thinks it was brought on by the food poisoning I had earlier (the Asian thing I was talkin' about).

Ok, popped two down and I have about an hour to plan this party before I fall into some restful-ass sleep. The meds plus this tasty double Ketel Kat should have me snoozin' like a baby.

After planning the food comes music. Now, it's kind of cold out so